Children’s Wooden Climbing Frames

The 9 in 1 Garden Wooden Climbing Frame is a very high quality Garden  Playground System. All wooden climbing frame components are carefully selected prior to manufacture. The 9 in 1 Garden Wooden Climbing Frame system has 9 separate  activities in the one play unit.

Our Garden Climbing Frames Offer Value

The high quality of wood and materials used, the high quality of manufacture and the large number of activities in the one Wooden Climbing Frame mean that the 9 in 1 Garden Wooden Climbing Frame is  Exceptional value for money.   It is designed to cater for the full spectrum of ages from 2 years to 11 years.

Quality of Manufacture:

We manufacture the wooden climbing frame system in our own factory. We use stainless steel fixings, we use high strength exterior glues in the manufacture of critical components eg the monkey bar sections.  The entire play system is protected with our 4 stage timber protection system.

Fast build on site  The Castle Discovery™ ( 9 in 1) play system will be delivered  90% complete.
It will arrive as fully completed panels that lock together quickly and accurately on site.
Assembly Time  approx 1 hour ( 2 people )

Package includes:

  • The Climbing Frame Wooden Tower complete
  • Climbing frame complete
  • The ladder to the castle
  • 2 x plastic safety swing seats
  • Monkey Bars
  • Punch bag (children's)
  • Slide - green (reinforced polymer)
  • Climbing Rope (knotted)
  • 4 x galvanised ground anchors.
Main features include:
  • The 9 in 1 Garden Wooden Climbing Frame complete has more activities than all of its competitors in this price Bracket.
  • The 9 in 1 Garden Wooden Climbing Frame complete is excellent value for money.
  • The combination of colours (dark green & pine) complement the natural look & design of the 9 in 1 Garden Wooden Climbing Frame.
  • The sturdy construction is stronger than virtually all other residential activity play systems on the market.
  • For strength, all of the timber used is large section Scandinavian whitewood.
  • All corners are rounded for extra safety.
  • All of the timber used is pressure treated to ensure a long lifespan of the play system.
  • The roof system (with a pitch of 45 Degrees) is made from solid marine plywood and coated with an expensive plastic based sealant (The same sealant is used for sealing and protecting timber cladding on houses in the USA).


Benefits to the child:

  • Improves Fitness levels
  • improves Co-ordination
  • Improves Agility
  • Builds physical Strength
  • Builds Confidence
  • Can contribute to improved Concentration
  • Can contribute towards healthy active lifestyle

Delivery  time:   Allow  2 - 4 weeks from confirmation of order - Depends on time of year

Customer Service & Optional Extras:

Professional Assembly Service is only available throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland at present - Optional extra

***  9 in 1 Garden Wooden Climbing Frame system is designed for fast on site assembly - Simply connect the fully finished panels  ***

Tools required - High powered Cordless Drill / Screw Driver,Spirit level, Socket wrench, 13mm & 17mm Sockets.

Rubber Safety Matting  is an Optional extra.  We recommend a minimum of 12m²  to be Positioned  below the monkey bars & swings, below the ladder & at the end of the slide.

Accessories: All comply with European Standards EN71 Parts 1 to 8
Each system arrives complete with its own accessories as stated. The accessories listed here are over and above what is generally required. These other accessories are Optional extras.

  • Rope Ladder (inc. attachments)
  • Trapeze with gym rings (inc. attachments)
  • Baby seat, (Green) (inc. attachments)

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The 9 in 1 Garden Wooden Climbing Frame is designed for use in residential It is not to be used for Commercial or Public applications9 in 1 Garden Wooden Climbing Frame is a protected registered design ©.